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With its multi-talented, charismatic and a production that excels in excellence, Lúcia Amélia Brüllhardt has been, for years, an important reference in the gospel world European (evidence of the anointing of God in your life).

With his ministerial work, Lucia has been able to achieve results unattainable by other artists the gospel segment in Europe up until now. Her ministry has been characterized by pionieri in the secular media.

Lúcia Brüllhardt was invited to participate in major television shows in France (Ze Mag Debat), Switzerland (SF2) and others, that beyond interviews in reputable newspapers and magazines from German, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal where the interviewee always answers questions in the original language of the country visited, for Lucia Brüllhardt is multilingual.

The only Brazilian to take three years in evangelization consecultivos street in Montreux Jazz Festival with the group Roman Mission Vie (see multimedia press, photos and videos).