Information about invitations:

Invitations in any way involve in reserve for the event and will be answered as soon as possible. The confirmation or otherwise of the event and additional information with respect thereto shall be provided in a second step, if it can accept your invitation.
The priority of the Ministry Anchor is to go everywhere and preach the Gospel to every creature, through witness, worship, ministry of the Word, mime, and dance. We have materials for evangelization that will be sold and whose resources will be used to support missionary work in Brazil, "Prevention Magdalene's. Never quote or relate available dates or receive call with date open.
The invitation shall contain the following information:

1. Name and address of church or organization sponsoring the event, with full address and telephone number, e-mail and fax, indispensable for the return;
2. Date of event;
3. Specify the type of event;
4. More details about the event - Programming, preachers, public expectation, etc.
5. Details about the ministry - the approximate time duration;
6. Address, phone number and signature on the letter of inviting along with the signature of the pastor of the church or company responsible for the contact.
Additional information:

- Lucy Amelia Brüllhardt in order to comply with the direction that God has given to the ministry, does not travel to ministry of word of praise or unattended.


1. It is up to the contractor:

- Air transport;
- Transfer in Brazil;
- Hotel accommodation;
- Food;
- Local transportation;
- Structure of the event (stage, sound, lighting, screen ...);
- Preliminary survey conducted by a representative of the Ministry.

2. Exclusivity for the sale of CDs, videos and other materials on the day of presentation.